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My name is Niran Jeyanesan and I am honoured to be running for election as your York Regional Councillor representing the City of Markham.

Niran Jeyanesan is a law enforcement officer working most recently at TPS. Niran elected to be assigned to the north-west end of Toronto in the Jane and Finch community.

Niran chose this difficult assignment because first, he is not afraid of hard work. Secondly, he cares! He cares deeply in helping, especially those that often get overlooked.

Niran is someone who has devoted his adult life to public service. Outside of his work as an officer Niran volunteers a lot of his time.

“I first met Niran Jeyanesan approx 8 years while I was working with the TPS, and he was working in building Security.
We both worked in a community that was plagued by gangs, guns and drugs.
His work and drive to have even more impact led him to policing, and in fact, policing in the same neighbourhoods!
This has continued for 5 years now, with the same focus and commitment. There are several examples confirming this.
This is a reason why I stepped out of retirement with my family, and joined his team on this quest!”

Sergent Stephen Hicks (Ret’d)

Teen lands job after cop buys him the clothes he allegedly tried to steal for a job interview

A teenager who wore the shirt and tie that a Toronto cop bought for him after he allegedly attempted to steal them for a job interview has been hired.

Toronto Star, Aug. 11, 2017

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